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Unit:187Hard-hitting industrial from Vancouver.

Founded in 1994 by John Morgan and Tod Law, Unit:187 spent less than a year in their Vancouver studio while playing live at local clubs before landing their first record deal with San Francisco’s seminal 21st Circuitry Records. A solid debut album followed up by several west coast US tours earned the band a respectable fan-base throughout Canada and the US. Their sophomore album, 1998’s “Loaded”, featured new band members Jed Simon (guitar) and Byron Stroud (bass) of Strapping Young Lad, drummer Jay Hagen, and was produced by Devin Townsend. The album yielded some instant industrial classics, such as the title track “Loaded” and “Stillborn” which was remixed for the album by Frontline Assembly’s Rhys Fulber. 2003 saw the band release their 3rd studio album “Capital Punishment”. Staying with the same line-up, but adding the additional talents of FLA’s Chris Peterson on several tracks, the album doesn’t disappoint, with Unit’s trademark synth riffs, movie samples, and driving guitars blazing full-tilt from start to finish. The album’s title track kicks off with a killer grove and mix by legendary Skinny Puppy producer Anthony Valcic.

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